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I'm a 20 year-old computer science and math student at the University of Toronto. I was born in Toronto, and I live in Toronto. Where I'll die remains to be seen.

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{Thursday, January 16, 2003}


Look: WARheads

While I have never really believed GWB when he claimed to have not made up his mind on Iraq, I also never really believed that there would be a war without some evidence of Iraqi WMD. I believed (and continue to believe) that Iraq does possess a formidable arsenal of several different WMD (though probably not nuclear... yet...), but to your average American (a category where I certainly do not fit... I'm an average Canadian...), "I think so" didn't, and doesn't, seem to be good enough. The discovery of 12 warheads in "excellent condition" is therefore a troubling development. At least for Sadaam.

The discovery of warheads itself is not so odd. Indeed, we have known they possessed such devices for a while now. The problem is, Iraq has claimed that they are no longer interested in WMD, a position that seems incongruent with their upkeep of the requisite delivery systems. It is unlikely that this particular find will spark the conflict (mainly because the war won't be sparked... GWB, with advice from military planners will give the go-ahead when prep is complete...). Nevertheless, this discovery does not bode well. At least for Sadaam.
posted by Dan 1:58 p.m.