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I'm a 20 year-old computer science and math student at the University of Toronto. I was born in Toronto, and I live in Toronto. Where I'll die remains to be seen.

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{Friday, January 17, 2003}


Jumping on the Bandwagon

Ted Barlow has dedicated this week to lightbulb jokes. And they are damn funny. Go read them.

Oh, and here's my contribution to whole mess:
Q: How many den Beste's does it take to screw in a light bulb? A: Back when I was working for Qualcomm, a lot of the engineering we did was made possible by the many bulbs that illuminated our working areas. Of course these bulbs were only worth using for two reasons: 1. They weren't made in the EU, where their rigid labour markets and centralized approach to competition (or lack thereof) leads them to develop and adopt inferior technology that is decades behind the US, and 2. They weren't MacBulbs. Sure, you see ads claiming that MacBulbs are in fact 50% brighter than PC bulbs, but that's not really true. Those statistics were collected based on flawed testing methods, since the bulbs were tested in rooms arranged specifically to maximize the MacBulbs' light distribution. And it doesn't matter anyway, since the MacBulbs themselves are based on old filaments that Motorola doesn't want to update, for reasons pertaining to the network effect. And while Apple waits for the new IBM filaments to come out, Intel and AMD are cranking up the luminesence of their current filaments (which are already brighter than their MacBulb counterparts), and creating even more powerful filaments that will continue to blow the MacBulbs right out of the water. If Apple doesn't do something fast, MacBulbs may fast find themselves disappearing. Update: Capitalist Lion points out that I could've just twisted clockwise. Doh!
posted by Dan 3:37 p.m.