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I'm a 20 year-old computer science and math student at the University of Toronto. I was born in Toronto, and I live in Toronto. Where I'll die remains to be seen.

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{Friday, January 17, 2003}


Calling all Catholics

It appears that the Pope is concerned that women in some countries have a little too much freedom. To compensate, he has broadcast a communique, reminding the faithful that they must do their best to counter this injustice, and make things right again. Oddly enough, the one country where he probably doesn't have anything to worry about is the US, where his plans to stop abortion, euthenasia, stem-cell research and cloning are going swimmingly. If only those Catholics in Europe could be so enlightened.

The Pope should be attempting to push the Church towards modernization, rather than reminding them of "the good old days." The guy is a dinosaur. My only comfort is that I know what happened to the dinosaurs.
posted by Dan 3:00 a.m.